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28th February 2011 7:1:16

This morning I put out my first official call for Choose My Music, which not surprisingly was answered by Simon (@spursimon on Twitter). A man who's love for music is verging on obsessive.

I am already colaborating on a site with Simon alongside another Dom (@bwfcdom83 on twitter) called the A2Z Project where, for the past 20 weeks we have been sharing our favourite albums following the rules of the alphabet - so in week one we picked a band beginning with A, week two don't need me to go any further on that one.

Anyway, I was pleased that Simon was my first Choose My Music picker -surely the random sequence of numbers which filtered through his brain onto my twitter feed would bring about some fantastic music.....

......Well I am afraid to say it didn't.....not quite anyway.

Sex Pistols - Pirates of Destiny

Sex Pistols - Pirates of Destiny - Front Cover Sex Pistols - Pirates of Destiny - Tracklisting

Considering the Sex Pistols only released one album I do appear to have a disproportionate amount of music relating to them in my collection. When I first got into the band I would pretty much buy everything and anything I could lay my hands on - and as most of it was of a pretty poor standard I could usually pick them up on the cheap.

This album is nothing more than a confusing collection of demos, outtakes, interviews, backing tracks and rather oddly, an audio clip of an Australian TV advert promoting some Pistols greatest hits package. To give you some kind of idea about just how good this album is - the back cover of the CD states:

Let they buyer beware! Recording quality is suspect!

And yet even that wasn't enough to put me off.

I used to love the Sex Pistols, I still remember clearly to this day the first time I ever heard them. I was walking home from school and was approached by a friend Christopher Martin (who used to make good use of the local library's music department). All he said was "Listen to this" before shoving a head phone in my ear...I was hooked! I barely remember listening to anything else for weeks after that afternoon - which shaped my music tastes for years to come.

These kinds of Pistols albums were no doubt very important to me at this time. I didn't get the opportunity to grow up with this band - they were long gone by the time I was born. All I had was the stories, rumours and the movie Sid & Nancy. This collection of tracks actually shows the band developing their craft through a decent enough set of demos. The live tracks, although barely audible, at least gave my young imagination a chance to wonder what a live gig of their would be like.

The more I listened to the album this morning the more I started to enjoy it to be honest. It brought back some good memories of school friends either rarely seen or simply long forgotten - but as an example of good music it was a terrible choice.

It did also remind me that I once won a karaoke competition in Turkey by singing Sid Vicious' version of My Way to a packed hotel bar full of very pleasant holiday makers & their kids - I swore and shouted my way through it and was oddly asked to go back the following week to do it all again (finishing in 2nd place this time)

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