Friday, 25 March 2011

23rd March 2011 D:B:1

The more eagle eyed of you will notice that there has been a slight changed to the system here at Choose My Music.

All the bay and row numbers have been replaced with letters due to an apparent form of human conditioning which makes people, when asked to choose a number between 1-9, appear to always favour the number seven.

So far on Choose My Music there have been nine selections, of which six of them all came from the 7th bay. I am sure Derren Brown could explain why this is, but as far as I am aware he doesn’t read this.

So from this morning the selection process has changed. The bays have been re-branded A-I and the rows are now A-B. Already this has shown to work and create more variance.

Another thing I must say before I get down to business is that I am hugely grateful that my plea for you to share this site has been wonderfully acknowledged by you. My last post broke all kinds of previous Choose My Music records and also put me in contact with some lovely new people….sharing is good my friends….please continue to do so using the little buttons at the bottom of this post.

My latest request for Choose My Music was answered by many. Oddly a chap called Matt picked an album which had already been chosen before. Then the second tweet I received had a letter missing. The third was from someone known only to me as @HelpMeEscape and he chose D:B:1 which lead me to this

David Holmes Presents The Free Association


David Holmes came into my consciousness during a rather prolific period in the early 2000’s. Having already provided music for the Oceans 11 soundtrack, which was a favourite of ours at Andy’s Records in Ipswich when it was released. He quickly moved on to the fantastic mix album Come Get It, I Got It in 2002. I distinctly remember the cover of this album had the words

“Introducing the Free Association”

It was another year before that introduction was completed.

This album was a significant departure for David Holmes, who generally worked as a solo artist up to this point. He recruited American based rapper / punk rock lover / clothes designer Sean Reveron and British based singer / songwriter Petra Jean Phillipson. Add to this a fantastic array of musical instruments and you get a rather good album indeed.

As followers of my other music project (A2Z) have perhaps come to know, I like my music with a bit of variation and nothing comes closer to variance than the opening two tracks.

Don’t Rhyme No Mo is a rather eccentric, almost schizophrenic opener which sets up the remainder of the album very well before moving over to the brilliant (I Wish I Had A) Wooden Heart which for me is one of the stand out tracks – mainly because of Phillipson’s vocal delivery and style which fits perfectly with a typical ‘Holmes-esq’ backing track.

That is not to say the album is over after the first two tracks have ended. The Hendrix inspired ‘Everybody Knows It’s True’ and two further Petra Jean Phillipson vocal tracks ‘Somedays’ & ‘Pushin A Broom’ are also rather impressive and worth anyone’s attention.

I imagine most fans of David Holmes have this album, and seeing as it wasn’t too much of a commercial success you can actually get it quite cheap. If you are looking for something a little bit different then it would be worth forking out for.


  1. I think I copied both this and Come Get It I Got It off you - CGIIGI is the one I still play though....and also his Essential Mix 2XCD - big inspiration for me ....Wolf Lord x

  2. Come Get It I Got It is a really great album - there is nothing on there not to like really