Sunday, 27 March 2011

27th March 2011 C:A:20

Who doesn't love listening to music on a should be made compulsory.

Thanks to the brilliant DayTrotter website I have been been on a musical journey since 7am this morning, which got me thinking about adding an additional section to this site which covers all my musical discoveries. I am also considering, seeing as this blog is now one month old, to do a monthly round up of all the albums that have been chosen for me.

As always it would be great if you could share this site. Twitter, Facebook and wherever else you feel is relevant. 

Today's Choose My Music was picked by Caroline O'Doherty  who I have been following on Twitter for a few weeks after being tipped off about a website called Album Masterpieces in which people take turns to pick 5 albums (one a day Mon-Fri) that they feel are bodies of work you can play from start to finish without skipping a track. In an unusual case of perfect timing I am actually picking my top 5 next week. 

The selection Caroline made today was C:A:20 (Bay C, Row A, CD 20). This lead me to.....

Doves - Lost Sides

Remember Doves? They were the band that could do no wrong before Elbow got big. 

Lost Sides is a two disc set released in 2003 and was a collection of B Sides covering the period between the bands first two albums; Lost Souls in 2000 and The Last Broadcast in 2002. 

The album was issued twice. Initially at the end of 2000 as a single CD album, the copy I have is the second release which contained a bonus disc of re-mixes. 

I must admit, I am not a big fan of B Side collections (with the execption of Suede's Sci-Fi Lullabys) or am I usually bothered by a collection of remixes. I actually only bought this album because MVC were shutting down and it cost me £4.99. I know this because it still has a sticker on the front. The fact that the sticker is still there is a strong indication of how much I have listened to this.

Listening to the first CD it appears to be a mix of pure instrumentals and standard Doves vocal tracks. I am assuming they are in some form of chronological order as the album does appear to get better towards the end. 

The majority of the songs here sound like the standard Doves affair, just not quite as good. Often there are reasons why songs are relegated to the flip side. Oddly there is this track, which seems to sound more like Supergrass 

There really isn't much that stands out on this release. The remix cd is marginally better - especially Four Tet's mix of M62 Song.
I have a feeling, as much as I love Doves, this is likely to go back on my rack with the £4.99 MVC sticker still in place. Still - for your listening pleasure I have added a couple of tracks here which you might enjoy.

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  1. Great band Dom but like you say not amazing album. Only have the 1 disc version but it's enough. MVC think I got a few bargains when they closed down as well!