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Masterpieces - My Selections - Day 1 - 3

I know technically this site would be breaking the trade descriptions act -I haven't actually done a Choose My Music for a week or so now.

I have though raved about Pokey LaFarge and discussed how my record buying has changed over the years. Essentially there is so much I need to get out Music wise it would seem that this site is going to develop into something a little bit more varied - whether this is a good thing or not is down for you to decide I guess.

So a few weeks ago I was asked to participate in a project called Masterpieces. (link here)

The premise is easy enough. Pick 5 albums (1 a day Monday to Friday) which you feel can be listened to from start to finish without skipping any tracks. The only rule is that you cannot choose anything that has been picked before.

I made my selections two weeks ago but felt I should share them and explain why I chose each one.

DAY 1 - Television - Marquee Moon

I became interested in Television and this album especially after reading an article proclaiming the the Sex Pistols 'Never Mind The Bollocks' ruined this album.

Both were released in 1977 and both were début albums, yet they couldn't be more different. Where Rotten, Vicious et al went for the all out rawkus 3 minute blasts, Television took a slightly more composed route creating what could only be described as guitar masterpieces. The title track of this album clocks in at 10 minutes 40 seconds - that's nearly the entire first 4 tracks of Never Mind The Bollocks.

This really is a album that needs to be listened to fully to be appreciated and it would have been much much bigger if the Pistols explosion hadn't of happened which changed the face of music and diverted attention away from this much underrated band.

DAY 2 - Brother Ali - The Undisputed Truth

I am really struggling to remember how I first heard Minneapolis based rapper Brother Ali - I remember the song and know that I was at home but for some reason quite peg it down. Wherever it was I was instantly hooked.

Firstly I am a sucker for good political commentary in hip hop and as soon as I heard Uncle Sam Goddamn I knew I had made a significant hip hop discovery and one that would stay with me for a very long time.

There are a lot of things that stood out when I really started to look into Brother Ali's music. First he is a devout Musilm and second he was born with albinism. These traits do make Ali stand out but it is unfair to point to any of these issues when discussing his music.

Ultimately what you have is a very talented rapper who clearly knows how to write intelligent lyrics and deliver them with skill. He can write politcal and social commentary as demonstrated on 'Truth Is" or the previously mentioned 'Uncle Sam Goddam' while also dishing out the rather heartbreaking 'Walking Away' on the same album.

This album got me back in to hip hop after a short hiatus and it is still, after 4 years, an ever present in my car.

DAY 3 - The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds

The first thing I looked at when I was asked to decide on my 5 albums was whether Pet Sounds had already been picked. To my surprise it wasn't.

I didn't get into the Beach Boys until I was at least 21. It was through a friend by the name of Dan Keeble, who I worked with at Andy's Records in Ipswich.

He once told me his theory about Pet Sounds. He believed that it has the power to answer any question or quandary you could possibly have and I will admit, it has come to my rescue many a time.

The unusual thing I have found about this album is that it only appears to work when listened in its entirety. I have often found, when having one of those mp3 player shuffle moments that when an individual Pet Sounds track comes on I feel an urge to skip it. Yet when I listen to it from the brilliant opening of "Wouldn't it be Nice" to the closing street sounds of "Caroline No" the entire 35 minutes and 36 seconds fly by in a haze of absolute beauty.

And this concludes the first part of my Masterpiece selections. Days 4 & 5 will be up soon.

If you would like to purchase any of the albums featured then you can below (Amazon links)

Television - Marquee Moon Here

Brother Ali - The Undisputed Truth Here

Beach Boys - Pet Sounds HERE

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  1. weird fact no2: I ve spent all this morning murmuring Wouldnt it be nice, and then I come to read this, as promised... how about that? :D